VIDEO: Sky Ferreira Tongue-Kisses Justin Bieber, Can't Live Without Snooki

(Credit: Rankin/Sky Ferreira )

Ohh, teenagers! What a fickle bunch. It's hard to tell what they want, what they're into and what they can't live without. Sky Ferreira is not your ordinary teenager, however. With songs like "One" and "17," she's shown she's a singer and songwriter with skills that far outpace her age. And in this Buzzworthy video, Sky demonstrates that unlike some of her peers, she's more than willing to tell you what she can't live without and why.

Sky gives us 12 things she simply can't not have, giving us some visual aides to help us understand her needs. The list varies from pop culture obsessions, like Justin Bieber, whose likeness she kisses... with tongue! Sky also can't live without Snooki, underwear and frozen lemonade. But she also has a few oddball fancies, like weapons and Mane and Tail shampoo.

Check out the video below to find out what Sky Ferreira can't live without. And while you're at it, watch her music video for "17." And speaking of things she can't live without, don't miss the premiere of Sky Ferreira's "Obsession" video tomorrow on