Get The Konami Code To Unlock An Audio Clip Of Daft Punk's 'Tron: Legacy' Soundtrack

The combination of the epic, pulsating techno of Daft Punk and the mind-blowing futuristic visuals of "Tron: Legacy"--the sequel to the groundbreaking 1982 cult classic film, "Tron"--are a match made in heaven. Or, in this case, space. That's right, the French electronic duo are scoring "Tron: Legacy." And we've got an exclusive Daft Punk "Tron: Legacy" audio sneak peek written in Konami code and the secret keyword that unlocks the clip.

Here's what to do.

+ Go to and click on the "Tron: Legacy" logo.

+ Click anywhere outside of the highlighted boxes on the side walls of the site.

+ Then, in the black space, type in the code "derezzed." (Note: No field will pop up.) An audio clip of Daft Punk's score for "Tron: Legacy" will then play.

+ We've also got a little Easter egg for you. Right-click and view source for an extra surprise.

"Tron: Legacy" hits theaters on Dec. 17. Daft Punk's soundtrack to the film will be released on Nov. 22.