Video Preview: Shakira, 'Loca'

How loca is Shakira willing to go these days? Loca enough to take a little swim through the famed fountain in Barcelona's famed Pla de Palau, change clothes in broad daylight, eat while rollerskating and ride a motorcycle without a helmet. (Tsk tsk, lady!) All while wearing a sporty bikini top and little else and using the sidewalks of Barcelona for the purposes of intimately loitering. I guess since she spent all that time chained up in a cage during her closeted "She Wolf" phase, Shakira's ready to get out in the sunshine.

Watch a sneak peek of Shakira's new video, "Loca," featuring Dizzee Rascal, from her upcoming bilingual album, Sale El Sol. "Loca" was filmed on location in Barcelona and premieres Wednesday, Sept. 29, on