Video Premiere: The Young Veins, 'Take A Vacation'

The Young Veins continue on their '60s beach pop bend in their brand-new video, "Take A Vacation," the title track off their debut album. Quirky, mod camera work nods to the Richard Lester-era Beatles' films, right down to the hazy surf shots, retro Korgs, John Lennon Revolution guitars, Polaroids, hard-shell suitcases, sets that look like the Monkees just moved out, occasional pops of Technicolor, and complementary suits and ties.

The Super-8-style video dovetails nicely and nostalgically with the song's lush Beach Boys- and Zombies-leaning harmonies. It's like looking back in time through a View-Master, and it's the perfect way to end summer--on a Young Veins vintage vacation.

Watch The Young Veins' "Take A Vacation" video now.