Video You Need To Know: Valencia, 'Dancing With A Ghost'

(Credit: I Surrender Records)

Philadelphia rock band Valencia has come up with a cool idea for a video for its new single, "Dancing With a Ghost," and it involves Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and the world's most romantic, life-after-death love story, "Ghost."

Valencia's new video is one part tribute to the erotic pottery, love-beyond-the-grave story of "Ghost," and one part visualization of the song's can't-let-go-of-love theme. The track is a totally catchy piece of power pop that will surely induce head-nodding on a first listen.

"Dancing With a Ghost," which is available on iTunes now, is taken from Valencia's album of the same name, out October 12. After that, you can catch Valencia on the road with Buzzworthy faves Automatic Loveletter.

Watch Valencia's "Dancing With a Ghost" video below.

Valencia - Dancing With A Ghost from I Surrender Records on Vimeo.

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