New Video: OK Go, 'White Knuckles'

(Credit: Jeff Gentner/Getty Images)

OK Go is known for its incredibly charming videos that usually take the internet by storm. Well, with the video for "White Knuckles," taken from the Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky album, this group will be taking YOUR HEART by storm... WITH CUTE DOGS!

"White Knuckles" features some awesome and adorable rescued dogs performing any number of tricks. Seriously, the guys of OK Go are really just background props in this one. It's all about the dogs.

OK Go has made some wonderful videos: "Here It Goes Again," "This Too Shall Pass," "WTF?" (both of which you can watch below). But "White Knuckles" might be our favorite. Have a heart and watch OK Go's new video below. And, if you can, take OK Go's advice and donate to the ASPCA.

+ Watch OK Go's "White Knuckles" video.