Justin Bieber's 5 Most Swagged-Out Stunts (Including Hooters!)

(Credit: Splash News)

All Justin Bieber wanted was a Five Wing Flappertizer. But when you're a certified boss like the Biebs, the kind of situations like the one above (yes, that's Justin Bieber with a bunch of pantyhosed Hooters waitresses) they just happen, dog. And they've been happening with more and more frequency.

The other week at the VMAs, we found incriminating photos of Justin Bieber kissing some very famous ladies. Last month we took a look at Justin Bieber's funniest and badass moments, Segway escape, revolving door fail, Chuck Norris fetishism and all. This month we're taking a look at 5 of Justin Bieber's most recent swagged-out moments.

1. Justin Bieber Goes To Hooters: Look, lots of dudes go to Hooters for the wings or because they need a quiet place to read "The Hunger Games." But Justin Bieber goes for the friendly service. And the pantyhose.

2. Justin Bieber Makes Out With His "Baby" Costar: If Kim Kardashian caught a lot of Twitter heat just for joking about her love for Justin Bieber, just imagine what's going to happen to Justin's tour-opener and "Baby" costar, Jasmine Villegas. Also? Props for kissing girlfriend in a Honda. Way to keep it real!

3. Justin Bieber Enters His 2010 VMA Performance By Getting Chased By Screaming Fans.

Justin showed all the VMA veterans how it should be done. Chauffeured to the spot in a cherry red convertible with dozens of screaming fans behind you. When you look up "Like A Boss" in the encyclopedia you see this picture:

(Credit: Getty Images)

4. Justin Bieber Beats Jaden Smith In A Dance-off: Take on the Karate Kid in a dance-off? Biebs is just crazy like that. Earlier this month, Bieber and Jaden Smith (star of the Karate Kid remake) engaged in a dance battle at a New York nightclub. Kevin Rudolf was the soundtrack, and the winner, according to witnesses, was Bieber.

5. Justin Makes A Belieber Out Of Miley Cyrus: Despite previously claiming to be immune to Bieber fever, Miley Cyrus joined Justin onstage at his Madison Square Garden concert for a duet. But, as the pic below suggests, Miley's temperature started rising pretty quickly.

(Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)

Did we miss any more swagged-out Justin Bieber moments? Let us know in the comments!