Watch 2 Internet Stars Critique The VMAs, Debate Kanye West's 'Douchebagginess'

Everyone who watched the 2010 MTV VMAs had an opinion on the surprises (Rihanna!), the performances (too many to mention in parentheses!), the host (Chelsea Handler!) and the meat dress (IT WAS MADE OF REAL MEAT, people!). And we called upon two of our favorite Internet stars to share their opinions about the 2010 VMAs.

Alonzo Lerone, known for his pop culture-parodying YouTube videos, and Dannielle Owens-Reid, filmmaker, blogger, and founder of Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber, watched the VMAs and weighed in on their favorite moments and the funniest moments.

Watch Alonzo Lerone and Danielle Owens-Reid's favorite VMA moments--the surprises, the forgiveness, painful shoes, tiny dancers and all. Find out the moments you may have missed, like Justin Bieber's drumstick fail. See who Danielle wanted to spoon with and how she pulled off a bizarre anatomical feat that involved splitting her eyes in half. And don't miss Danielle and Alonzo's spirited debate over whether or not Kanye West is "supposed to be a douchebag."

Missed a minute of the VMAs? Watch the entire VMAs on demand.