Video You Need To Know: Rihanna, 'Who's That Chick'

(Credit: Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

While we're all still catching our breath from the "militant Berlin goth" look of Rihanna's Rated R videos and the relatively dark music that went along with it, the last girl on earth goes and flips the script on us, dropping her video for "Who's That Chick?"

The song features dance beats supplied by the Midas' touch of David Guetta, and AutoTune vocals with the lyrics "Music is all I need. Baby, I just wanna dance." Who is this chick, indeed! This is an all-new Rihanna, somewhat hearkening back to old Rihanna (think "S.O.S.").

The video clearly betrays the bubblegum pop-art feel of recent Katy Perry clips, while Guetta's production and the infectious melody suggest that Rihanna has been listening to the hits of Ke$ha and Perry and has really enjoyed what she heard.

Which is not to say she's biting their style at all. This is just yet another side of an artist who explored some darker textures and decided she'd like something a little more pink and a lot more pop (check out the vid's color scheme to see what I mean).

"Who's That Chick?" is the second thing we've heard from Rihanna's upcoming Loud album, along with "Only Girl (In The World)." If those two tracks are any suggestion of what to expect from the album, we're in for a really upbeat and club-friendly collection.