Buzzworthy Q&A: Mark Ronson Takes Advice From Duran Duran, Loves Train's 'Drops Of Jupiter'

(Credit: Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

Mark Ronson is many things: a fashionable young man with a dashing accent (a little bit New York, a little bit London), one of the preeminent producers in pop music, and a multi-instrumentalist and venerated recording artist.

In this Buzzworthy Q&A, Ronson chats about his '80s-pop-inspired new album, Record Collection, his lack of guilty pleasures and how when someone from Duran Duran tells you to buy a rare Italian vintage keyboard, you buy a rare Italian vintage keyboard.

But before hearing Ronson talk about his new album, you'll probably want to listen to his awesome new single from Record Collection, "Bang Bang Bang." To help find the voice for "Bang Bang Bang," Ronson sent the track to an electro-pop duo he's become a fan of: MNDR. (Ellie Goulding and Jake Shears of the Scissor Sisters both wrote over the track to "Bang Bang Bang," but neither artists' contributions made the cut.)

If you've seen the "Bang Bang Bang" video, you know it features some pretty outrageous looking keyboards and synthesizers. It should come as no surprise that these are some expensive instruments, with the priciest being the Synthex, which Ronson bought for $5,000 on the recommendation of Duran Duran's Nick Rhodes.

Ronson also chats about his guiltless listening habits, expressing shock that people express shock at his love for Train's sappy, catchy "Drops Of Jupiter."

Check out the whole Buzzworthy Q&A with Mark Ronson below, as well as Train's "Drops Of Jupiter" video, a song to which Ronson owns the sheet music!

Record Collection is out Sept. 28.