MTV PUSH Artist Of The Week: Sleigh Bells

Meet the MTV PUSH Artist of the Week: Sleigh Bells. They are one of the most exciting bands to come out of New York City since The Strokes, and in singer Alexis Krauss they have one of the most compelling and charismatic frontwomen in pop music today.

We've already broken down some of the Sleigh Bells' musical influences, but suffice to say, the sound of their incredible debut album, Treats, released on Mom + Pop, and it's something akin to twisted punk rock meets cheerleader chants meets electro made on a broken old laptop. Plus volume. Lots and lots of volume.

Even more thrilling than recorded output is Sleigh Bells' live show. Lucky for you, will be streaming a live performance by the duo from New York City on Monday, Sept. 20. Update: Stay tuned for more performances from that show at

Watch Sleigh Bells discuss their sound in these interview below, and watch them perform "A/B," "Kids" and "Tell 'Em" live. And watch more Sleigh Bells videos after the jump.

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