Who Wore Lady Gaga's Meat Dress Better? Britney, Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, Cher Or Bill Kaulitz?

Lady Gaga's VMA meat dress is probably well on its way to becoming a jerky dress (or a serious health hazard). Or a shrine for someone's Silence Of The Lambs fantasy. (Just kidding!)

Anyway, that doesn't mean there aren't other celebrities lining up to try it on Gaga's meat dress for size and put a little meat on their bones! (Har.)

We've already seen Snooki in Gaga's meat dress. Check out Britney Spears, Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Bill Kaulitz and Cher in Gaga's meat dress, and vote for the celebrity you think wore the meat dress best!

Not bad. Britney looks cheery and sweet, but we like our Britney best with a snake.

Nicki Minaj can pull off pretty much anything. Even the dress equivalent of the "Bodies" exhibit.

Kanye West in Gaga's meat dress? Again, not a bad look, but it'd work best if the meat dress were stamped in the Chanel logo.

Bill Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel is never afraid of taking fashion risks. But, he's also a vegetarian and animal lover, so he might be politically and ethically adverse. If Bill Kaulitz wore Lady Gaga's meat dress, it'd have to be that really convincing fake meat that looks like the real thing. It it somehow incorporated leather, that'd be even better.

Back in the day, Cher was the queen of wearing crazy ish... What am I talking about? She's still the queen of wearing crazy ish. No pants, embellished everything, and head dresses that looked like she robbed an Egyptian tomb. In fact, Cher's VMA outfit was pretty much all of those things, minus the headdress (slacker!), though her wig was approximately the size of Lady Gaga.

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