The Real Inspiration For Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' Unicorn Tattoo Revealed!

(Credit: Daniel/Harding/

OK, before I blow up her spot, let's get one thing straight: I think Lady Gaga is amazing. Who else in the known universe can rock a meat dress and get tweeted at by Congress in the same week? The woman is incredible. And when she belted out those first few lines from her upcoming album Born This Way as she accepted the Video of the Year award at the 2010 VMAs (watch the video again below) I was like, "Wow. Her greatness NEVER ENDS."

But I'm here to say that while she's definitely an innovator, Lady Gaga is maybe not always the most original. Case in point, her new unicorn tattoo emblazoned with the name of her upcoming release. You can see it right here: Lady Gaga Unicorn Tattoo.

Now that looks familiar, I thought to myself upon first seeing it. And then it dawned on me. I knew exactly where Lady Gaga got the idea for her new tattoo: my third-grade Trapper Keeper.

For those of you not in grade school during the early '90s, the artist Lisa Frank was a school supply goddess. Her neon-saturated, fantasy-inspired folders and stickers were the must-have accessory for every stylish 8-year-old. Myself included. Here's an example of her work.

Magical, right? I know. And Gaga knows too. I'm not quite sure how she got a hold of my Trapper Keeper *cough* two decades later, but I mean, the proof is in the picture. She's clearly copying me. Real talk.