Lady Gaga Fans, Check Out The ORIGINAL Meat Dress!

(Credit: Getty Images)

Much will be made of Lady Gaga's VMA costume change into a dress made of meat.

Speculation will be made, and possibly even a nice pot roast. (Heyo!) While shocking--especially if you're a vegan--Lady Gaga's VMA meat dress, created by mixed media master designer Franc Fernandez, wasn't original. Christina Aguilera has worn his designs, and Beyoncé wore a pair of deconstructed denim shorts in the "Telephone" video.

Gaga wore a meat bikini on the cover of Vogue Hommes Japan's September issue. And it's certainly not the world's first meat dress. In the early 1990s, Canadian artist Jana Sterback created a meat dress made of 50 pounds of raw meat-- 260 Canadian dollars' worth of raw meat--by sewing raw flank steaks together. The original meat dress was displayed at the National Gallery in Ottawa, Canada. And now you know.

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