Watch Linkin Park Perform 'The Catalyst' Live From Griffith Observatory At The 2010 MTV VMAs

Two of the biggest performances from tonight's 2010 MTV VMAs didn't even take place inside of the Nokia Theater. First Justin Bieber sent all of L.A. into hysterics with his medley of hits (and drumming!). Then Linkin Park got all celestial on us, with an incredible performance of their single "The Catalyst," live at the famed Griffith Observatory, miles away from the Nokia Theater.

There's always been an otherworldly element to Linkin Park's music. And as presenter Emma Stone said, Griffith Park is where heaven meets the hills. So it was the perfect mix of location and band.

It was an energetic and visually dynamic performance, and it was pure rock.

Watch Linkin Park's awesome performance of "The Catalyst," from the Griffith Observatory, for the 2010 MTV VMAs.

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