Eminem And Rihanna Perform Live At The 2010 MTV VMAs

(Credit: Vince Bucci/PictureGroup)

The VMAs are always a huge event, but, funnily enough, the 2010 MTV VMAs started in cramped quarters, with Eminem performing his redemptive anthem, "Not Afraid," for a select few fans in a small, walled-off room. Of course, this being Hollywood (and this being the 2010 MTV VMAs), things got real huge, real fast.

With the walls of the room moving aside, Eminem hit the Nokia Theater stage and continued to perform "Not Afraid" with a little help from a few dozen musicians, including a string section, a gang of percussionists and a full band.

When he segued into his current smash, "Love The Way You Lie," one more friend joined Slim Shady on stage: redheaded Rihanna, rocking a baby doll dress and combat boots. Eminem and Rihanna gave an emotional rendition of "Love The Way You Lie," as the VMA crowd roared.