Robyn Will Be 'Dancing On Her Own' On The VMA Stage Tonight

(Credit: John Shearer/

I just watched Robyn rehearse her VMA performance with deadmau5 this morning, and clearly she has no fear of heights as she's up on a platform above the VMA stage, and she'll be at least 20 feet in the air, dancing by herself, as it were.

"I'm definitely gonna be dancing on my own tonight," she said, referring to her dancefloor-magnet single. "deadmau5 and I are a little bit apart, so I'm up there alone! I'm gonna be on a scary elevator going up there!"

I'd be scared witless, but Robyn, who'll be wearing Swedish brand Acne (and not her Jeremy Scott gasoline leggings, unfortunately!) seems to have no fear. "I'm not afraid of falling! I'm really looking forward to performing in front of other artists. It's gonna be awesome."

While Robyn's collaborated with Snoop Dogg, Diplo and Röyksopp, tonight she'll be collaborating with VMA house artist deadmau5. But she told me there is one other VMA star she'd love to duet with: Mary J. Blige. "Mary J. Blige would be awesome! She's my hero!"

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