Go Inside Usher's 'OMG'-Worthy VMA Rehearsal

(Credit: Ciel VanderVeen/ MTV)

We've set up camp at the 2010 MTV VMAs--literally, we're on top of a parking garage outside of the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles--and bringing you inside rehearsals, trailers, dressing rooms, even bathrooms if we have to. We just got back from Usher's VMA rehearsal, and there's so much I can't give away and so much I want to say.

Here's what I CAN tell you: First of all, the VMA producers and designers are about to pull off visual feats not just previously unseen and unparalleled at the VMAs, but unseen and unparalleled on TV. Awe-inspiring behemoth-like sets. Epic effects. Larger-than-life lighting. Dauntless design. And watching Usher and his dancers rehearse for his VMA performance on the VMA stage was like watching liquid magic. Usher didn't even just next-level it. He took it to the level that comes after the next level. The penthouse level. And speaking of levels, there's a lot going on in Usher's performance, so keep your eyes open. Though it's pretty much impossible to miss those female dancers.

Check out these exclusive photos of Usher's VMA rehearsal. And don't miss it when it all goes down live at the 2010 MTV VMAs on Sunday, Sept. 12, at 9/8c.