VOTE: What Do You Think Of Kanye West's Twitter Apology To Taylor Swift?

Kanye West apologized to Taylor Swift today for his world-famous 2009 MTV VMA interruption. It's been a year since the famous stage crashing, after which Kanye kind of laid low for the rest of 2009 and for the first half of 2010.

So to some, it may beg the question why now? Why, a year later, is Kanye West apologizing to Taylor Swift? Is he hustling hard because his new album, tentatively titled Dark Twisted Fantasy, is potentially due out in November 2010? Because he'll be returning to the scene of the crime, so to speak, when he performs live at the 2010 MTV VMAs? Why wait a year to apologize, and why do it over Twitter?

It's clear by reading his tweet that Kanye's taken a good, hard look at himself. Kanye himself tweeted that he'd acted like a child: "Yes I was that guy. A 32-year-old child... When I woke up from the crazy nightmare I looked in the mirror and said GROW UP KANYE.... I take the responsibility for my actions.... I am not a bad person. Even in that moment I was only trying to do good, but people don't always need my help.... Beyoncé didn't need that. MTV didn't need that. And Taylor and her family friends and fans definitely didn't want or need that."

As anyone who's made a mistake and learned from it will tell you, personal growth is, as Kanye himself might say, a process. But what do you think about Kanye's confession and apologies? Are you the type to forgive, forget and move on? After all, no one was physically injured, and, as Kanye himself said, "we are entertainers and this is only TV... not the War." Or, are you of the too-little-too-late/think-before-you-act camp?

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