5 Celebs Who Should Take A Twitter Break

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Twitter is a great way to keep up with your friends, keep up with breaking news and keep your pun game tight. But it also has a downside, especially for celebs who insist on using it as a constantly updating, stream-of-consciousness look at the inner workings (or derailings) of their mind.

There really ought to be a squad of Twitter Cops who go can intercept celebs when they're about to make an ill-timed or ill-advised tweet, telling them in a cool, calm voice: "Back away from Twitter, put the BlackBerry down. It's gonna be alright."

So without further ado, here are 5 celebs who might want to think twice before hitting send on their next missive.

1.) Tameka "Tiny" Cottle: T.I.'s longtime girlfriend and now wife usually tweets pretty innocuous stuff, like, "On the plane headed 2 Vega$$$." But she might want to think twice about tweeting after she and her on-probation husband get busted on drug possession charges. Tiny! You got the right to remain silent! Exercise it!

2.) 50 Cent: Curtis' tweets have been super entertaining, if occasionally a little aggro. But last time I checked, a couple of bullet holes and a few platinum albums do not equal a law degree. So with that in mind, Fiddy, maybe don't advise Tiny to take the blame for her husband?

3.) Paris Hilton: The tweets may lie, but TMZ, in this case, does not. The other night, Paris Hilton was somehow in bed, watching "Family Guy." I say "somehow," because she was simultaneously being arrested for drug possession in Vegas. This could be a classic example of what happens when you have your assistants tweet for you but don't mention to them that you've been arrested. Paris has since used Twitter to proclaim her innocence.

4.) Chris Brown: Subtly throwing shots at his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna? Check. Getting into beef with Soulja Boy? Check. Ranting at music retailers? Check. Chris Brown and Twitter need couples therapy.

5.) Lindsay Lohan: Sadly, Lindsay's Twitter account might be a rather accurate representation of where she's at her in life, literally and figuratively. In the course of three tweets, a prerehab Lohan alerted people to a fashion website, thanked someone for assisting her in her fight against draconian child labor practices and took a shot at her father. She's been pretty mellow since getting out of rehab. Let's hope it stays that way (for her sake).

...And for the record, the celebrity who should NEVER take a Twitter break is Kanye West. Obvz.

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