Video Premiere: B.o.B, 'Magic,' Featuring Rivers Cuomo

B.o.B.'s hit single "Magic," featuring Rivers Cuomo, is an impossible-to-resist, get-on-your-feet, feel-good party of a track. And that's exactly what his "Magic" video is, too, starting with a seemingly mundane morning that's about to get a whole lot better and a whole lot weirder.

A magic sink magically filled with cereal? Magically hot girls magically occupying your suburban bungalow? Rivers Cuomo magically appearing out of nowhere and throwing a magical concert on the lawn? It's all going on in the wonderfully weird, magical mind of B.o.B., who shows off not only his lightning-fast rap skills but also his mind games in his "Magic" video.

+ Watch B.o.B's 'Magic' video featuring Rivers Cuomo.