Nicki Minaj Is All Grown Up In Her VMA Promo Video

The VMAs are still 10 days away, but Nicki Minaj is already all over them like sticky on buns. We've got Nicki Minaj, Best New Artist nominee. We've got Nicki Minaj, VMA Pre-Show performer, where she's bringing 10 lucky fans along with her. And we've got Nicki Minaj, VMA presenter. And we've seen the photos of a retro Nicki Minaj and Nicki on a motorcycle looking tres Catwoman at her VMA promo shoot. And poor Nicki thought she wouldn't even be invited to the VMAs. Huh? Hardly. The "M" in VMAs pretty much stands for Minaj.

We couldn't keep the lid on our VMA Nicki Minaj news much longer. Now we've got the video Nicki fans have been waiting for. It's Nicki Minaj's 2010 MTV VMA promo. In the retro clip, we see young Nicki posing in front of a mirror, dreaming of dominating the rap game, Nicki as a not-so-desperate housewife, enjoying a comfortable 1950s existence as her man bakes her a fresh pie, and Nicki Minaj revving the engine on a hot purple ride (are we allowed to say "crotch rocket"?) as she speeds off to the 2010 MTV VMAs.

It's clever, it's campy, and it's totally Nicki.

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