PHOTO: Kim Kardashian In A Spiked Dress, Flanked By Two Very Naked Men

(Credit: Kim Kardashian/Celebuzz)

A few days ago, when Kim Kardashian tweeted that she had just left her 2010 MTV VMAs rehearsal and that it was "going to be funny," we had no idea what she was referring to. And to be honest, we still don't. Don't come looking for VMA spoilers here, folks. Our lips are sealed.

Two people whose lips are decidedly not sealed are the mouthy dudes with Kim on the cover of Hong Kong's Prestige magazine. Kim is rocking a pretty incredibly spiked metal dress by The Blonds (who have done some incredible work with Lady Gaga). She had blogged about the dangerous-looking dress a couple of weeks back. Paired with some downright dazzling Louboutins, you had to know something daring was coming.

And you could certainly call the above magazine cover daring. Will Kim bring some of that devil-may-care attitude -- and maybe even some of her naked friends -- to the 2010 MTV VMAs? Guess we have to wait and see...

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