One Man's Lady Gaga Sex Change And More Weird Gaga News

(Credit: Jun Sato/WireImage)

Ever notice that strange stuff just seems to happen to Lady Gaga? Maybe it's not on purpose, maybe she doesn't will this stuff to happen. It just does. Maybe it's just because Mercury is in retrograde, or maybe the heat is just having an overall bizarre effect on all of us. But some odd stuff seems to be going on, and a lot of it relates to Lady Gaga.

1.) Man Gets A Sex Change To Look More Like Lady Gaga

A Bulgarian man and former "Big Brother Bulgaria" contestant is getting a sex change operation to look more like Lady Gaga in the hopes that it will "jump-start his career." Good luck with that! (MTV News UK)

2.) Lady Gaga "Communing With God" Before Taking The Stage

At least according to Anna Wintour! The Vogue editor relayed this story to Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night, claiming Gaga was deep in prayer, waiting for a celestial sign to perform at May's Met Costume Institute Gala. (Huffington Post)

3.) Lady Gaga's Tweets Censored By Apple's New Social Network, Ping

Apple signed Gaga up to be one of the spokespeople for Ping, Apple's new social networking tool for iTunes, but they got cold feet upon seeing some of her, well, gayer weets, scrubbing the offending missives from their presentation yesterday. (Gawker)

4.) Exhibit D: Iowa State University Bell Tower Plays "Bad Romance"

Creepy! Cool! But still... Bell towers are creepy. It's basically a fact. (Lady Gaga Live)

We rest our case! It's been like a full moon every night around here. We'll keep you up to date on any other spooky, weird and bizarre doings.

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