Song You Need To Know: Brandon Flowers, 'Magdalena'

(Credit: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images)

The curious case of Brandon Flowers rolls on. We've now heard three songs (including "Crossfire" and "Swallow It"), from his upcoming debut solo album, Flamingo. And all of Brandon Flowers' solo music suggests that we're in for a wordy and restrained piece of pop, abandoning the arena rock and new wave flourishes of his band, The Killers.

This is the music Brandon Flowers obviously feels like making at the moment. And while the voice is the same and some of the melodies are familiar, this represents an obvious break from The Killers' admittedly awesome bombast.

Take, as the latest piece of evidence, this latest leak, "Magdalena," which premiered on British radio this past weekend. Despite the presence of some anthemic "whoa-oh's" in the beginning of the track, this is a much calmer animal than your average Killers song. Certain moments of "Magdalena" will remind you of the Mexican border imagery and Springsteen influences found on part of The Killers' album Sam's Town. But both lyrically and musically, this is all Flowers, stretching himself lyrically and finding a quieter space to make music in.

Check out the song below. Flamingo is out September 14.

+ Listen to Brandon Flowers' "Magdalena."