SPONSORED VIDEO: Kim Stolz Gets Real About Periods

Yes. That period. The one every girl gets every month. Talking about your period/cycle/Aunt Flo/monthly visitor, whatever you want to call it usually calls for an absolutely awkward alert. Well, in an attempt to debunk the myths, stereotypes and embarrassment lots of girls feel about their period, MTV's resident fearless female, Kim Stolz, took off on a real-girls road trip to find more fearless females willing to tell the truth about their periods.

Her first stop? The MTV VMA tour at Six Flags, where aside from riding the rides and signing autographs, she sat down for an informal chat about the lows, woes and need-to-knows about periods.

Basically it's a period party, and every girl is invited.

Check out the video to watch Kim and her friends get real about their periods.