V Magazine And Nicola Formichetti Pick Lady Gaga's Top 15 Looks Of The Year

(Credit: V Magazine)

For the last 12 months the world's been on a crazy, wild ride with Lady Gaga, following her rise from cult figure to global icon. And to better understand all that has transpired in the last year, the folks at V Magazine have put together an impressive timeline of The Rise (and Rise!) of Gaga.

Since V's a fashion magazine, its September issue, which features Lady Gaga and Marc Jacobs on the cover, looks at Gaga's great big year through the lens of style, with commentary from Gaga's friend and stylist Nicola Formichetti about the unforgettable looks Gaga sported at various VIP moments between July 2009 and June 2010.

Nicola Formichetti highlights Gaga's unforgettable fashion moments, including Lady Gaga's VMA date with Kermit the Frog, her "Bad Romance" video, her pregnant ballerina look at the MOCA's 30th anniversary concert, her encounter with the Queen of England, her amfAR performance and many others.

The Gaga-packed V Magazine hits stands tomorrow, Sept. 2.