Star Spotting: Taylor Momsen, Back To Work On 'Gossip Girl'

(Credit: Jose Perez/Splash News)

Pop quiz, hotshots. Taylor Momsen is making the above facial expression because:

a) She just sucked on a lemon

b) She just caught a whiff of the copious amount of Brut aftershave the dude in the background is rocking

c) The slanket-style sweater she's wearing is making her itch

d) She's back at work on the set of "Gossip Girl"

Don't know about you test-takers, but my answer is gonna be "d." Now, I'm not saying The Pretty Reckless singer and "Gossip Girl" actress is bummed to be back at work on the show that gave her her first taste of success. We all know celebs never bite the hand that feeds them, but how else are can you explain how bent-out-of-shape girl looks? I mean, does she look like she's really psyched to start caring about the comings and goings of Chuck Bass?

Who knows. Maybe she's just hot. It is 1 million degrees outside in New York today, where "Gossip Girl" is shooting. Sorry, boo. Everybody has to work for the weekend. Join the club.

Watch Loverboy's "Working For The Weekend" video below. "Gossip Girl" returns this fall.