Song You Need To Know: Justin Bieber, Featuring Kanye West And Raekwon, 'Runaway Love (Remix)'

To reinterpret a line from the movie "Field Of Dreams," if you tweet it, it will come. Hear me out. A couple of weeks back, right as Kanye West began his epic Twitter odyssey, one of the many things he endorsed was Justin Bieber's single "Runaway Love." More specifically, he tweeted, "Yo this Runaway Love is the truth!"

A mutual appreciation society began, with Kanye and Justin Bieber tweeting back and forth and eventually (somehow) famed Wu-Tang Clan top chef, Raekwon, got involved in the action. Kanye said he would produce a remix of the Bieber jam, featuring Raekwon. Sounded good in theory, but given the ratio of things that get tweeted about to things that actually happen, we put the odds of this actually going down at 20-1.

Well, never bet on Buzzworthy, because below you can check out the "Runaway Love (Remix)" featuring Kanye and Raekwon and their lil' buddy Justin. The beat is basically a flip of Wu-Tang's classic, "Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthin' To F' Wit" and features solid verses from both MCs, bookending J.B.'s angelic vocals.

Check out the track below. Oh, Twitter! What will you give us next?

+ Listen to Justin Bieber, Kanye West and Raekwon's "Runaway Love (Remix)" here.