7 Things Taylor Momsen Hates

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There's a lot to like about Taylor Momsen. The rasp, the weary-beyond-her-years songs, the raccoon eyes and 21st-century baby-doll-on-a-bender fashions. Sort of a shame then that there are so few things that Taylor herself seems to enjoy.

When you type "Taylor Momsen hates" into Google, you get nearly 440,000 results. That's more than a few kegs of haterade, even when you factor in the repetition. So, to save you the time of having to sift through the results, let's take a look at the highlights of the short but active career of a highly opinionated hater.

We hope that by listing all these annoyances, dislikes and pet peeves, we will free Taylor Momsen of her grievances...Actually, wait. What fun would that be? We love her like this!

Also, as a quick aside, note how many times she drops the F-bomb to make her point. That's consistency, people. Let's get to the list:

1.) Taylor Momsen hates Miley Cyrus comparisons: Fellow teen and acting/singing double threat Miley Cyrus was one of the first subjects to get a public, verbal bird flipping from Taylor: I'm not looking to be Miley f***ing Cyrus. I don't care about the fame. I do it because I love music." OK then!

2.) Taylor Momsen hates public toilets at festivals: A recent, valid, if somewhat unavoidable concern. Taylor Momsen hates sharing public, portable restrooms with bands at music festivals: "The f***ing porta-potties on a set, you don't deal with that! Sharing a toilet with 50 bands is pretty nasty."

3.) Taylor Momsen hates Rihanna acting like a rocker: "People think pop is rock, and the lines are getting blurred. Now Rihanna's wearing f***n' leather jackets, and it's really annoying."

4.) Taylor Momsen hates wearing pants: OK, maybe this isn't the most virulent of her hates; it's more of a dislike: "I don’t really like pants, man. I like tights. I’m not really a pants person. I choose not to wear pants."

5.) Taylor Momsen appears to hate Perez Hilton: The two got into it over Twitter, with Taylor Momsen suggesting the gossip blogger go to prison over some sexually explicit tweets.

6.) Taylor Momsen hates being a role model: At least that's what she told us!

7.) Taylor Momsen hates her band's name: Surprising, seeing as how this is one of the few things she hates that she actually has any control over.

Watch Taylor Momsen's MTV Buzzworthy interview, where she's in partial  "I-hate-stuff" mode but displays her obvious passion for music. Because she's got a softer side too.

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