30 Seconds To Mars Rock Mexico City, Where Jared Leto's Mohawk Is Magic

(Credit: Ronaldo Schemidt/AFP/Getty Images)

30 Seconds To Mars brought the rock down to Mexico City for their MTV World Stage performance on Thursday, Aug. 26. Curiously though, Jared Leto blindsided us by debuting his blonde comb-over (and we're clearly not complaining), paired with truly, truly sick animal-print sunglasses at the MTV World Stage press conference on Wednesday, Aug. 25.

But here comes the curious part -- when 30 Seconds To Mars played Mexico City's Auditorio Nacional on Thursday, August 26, it looked like Jared Leto magically regrew the mohawk. Well, not in full, and it certainly was not the pomegranate mohawk of yore. Still, what's up with the hair-tomorrow-gone-today mohawk magic? Does the photo of Jared's blonde 'do belie a mohawk-in-waiting in the back and top? Did he really flatten all of that hawk-ready hair into a new 'do capable of going from zero to hawk, in, say, 30 seconds?

(Credit: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

How does Jared Leto's hair achieve such miracles? Echelon, we know you have the answers. Give them to us! And watch 30 Seconds To Mars' MTV World Stage performance on Friday, Sept. 24, on MTV Latin America.