Star Spotting: Donnie Wahlberg Celebrates His 40th Birthday (Again)

(Credit: Khoi Ton)

Above you see Donnie Wahlberg, New Kids On The Block member and veteran of countless network television cop shows, giving the ol' "don't speak" to an adoring fan who approached him at his second 40th birthday party. Second, you ask? Yeah, well, Donnie might actually be 41, but he had such a good time turning 40 that he decided to do it all over again. And judging by these pics, you can see why.

It all went down at Mohegan Sun, in Connecticut, and by the looks of things, Donnie Wahlberg turns 40 twice the way most people turn 21 once. Looking at some of these party shots I feel the need to invoke and somewhat paraphrase the amazing Matthew McConaughey line from "Dazed And Confused." Donnie Wahlberg keeps getting older, but the girls stay the same age.

While it was Wahlberg's night, he made sure his adoring fans went home with a little something as well, passing out Pop-Tarts with various images of him from over the course of his career emblazoned on them, to all his fans.

Check out pics of the New Kid-flavored Pop-Tarts as well as the "pop tarts" who attended Wahlberg's bash, all below.

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