Video Premiere: Taylor Swift, 'Mine'

Taylor Swift's smash hit, "Mine," from her upcoming Speak Now album, is a more sophisticated look at relationships than we've ever heard from Taylor. And her "Mine" video is worlds more mature. Years beyond the cheeky high school flirtation of "You Belong With Me" and the teen angst of "Fifteen"--which earned her a Best Female Video nomination at the 2010 MTV VMAs--Taylor Swift's "Mine" is a coming-of-age story, and in her "Mine" video, we see Taylor go through many adult life cycle events and major milestones. Taylor Swift gets married--to Toby Hemingway, whom we see as Taylor's groom in the much-lauded wedding scene--and she even has two lovely little boys.

Codirected by Taylor Swift herself and Roman White, "Mine" was filmed in Maine, which Taylor absolutely fell in love with and which served as the perfect backdrop for Taylor and Toby to walk hand in hand on the beach, settle down into a little home and, ultimately, get married.

Watch Taylor Swift's "Mine" video and watch Taylor's behind-the-scenes videos.

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