VMAs 2010: Watch Ke$ha Fly High In Her 'Road To The VMAs' Video

(Credit: Kristian Dowling / PictureGroup)

You've seen the photos of Ke$ha in her underwear. Now watch Ke$ha -- the 2010 MTV VMA presenter, confirmed lover of animal masks and glitter, of sleeping in the bathtub, and of love as a narcotic -- eschew planes, trains, and cars in favor of flying to the VMAs. And check out Ke$ha's fancy VMA bedroom! Can you believe she's sleeping in a bed and not the bathtub for once? UPGRADE!

Justin Bieber took a car to the VMAs. Drake took a car. But Ke$ha? Ke$ha flies to the VMA in her exclusive video. In reality, Ke$ha was only about 12 feet up in the air, strapped to a harness, which she told MTV News "hurt her vag." Ouch. The price we pay for fame!

+ Watch Ke$ha's "Road to the VMAs" video.

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