30 Seconds To Mars Fans Show Their Love In A Big, Big Way

(Credit: Andrew H. Walker/WireImage)

You may recall that we recently posted about 30 Seconds To Mars' awesome new video for "Closer To The Edge." The U2-meets-Rush epic is basically a global love letter to the band's incredibly dedicated fans who call themselves "The Echelon," with some lucky 30STM supporters appearing in the beginning of the clip.

Well, apparently, talking on camera about how much they love 30 Seconds To Mars is something fans of the group are really good at! Which brings us to the The Rogue Echelon, a website that hosts a series of video testimonials from fans, talking about how deep their love for the band is.

Look, fandom is a tricky thing; it can be a blessing or a curse for a band. But in The Echelon, 30 Seconds To Mars seem to have found an extended family of sorts. Sometimes they even get a little stage time with the group...

These are people not only have a passion for the band's music but their ideals. And, even better, they like to make videos about it!

Check out all the clips at The Rogue Echelon and watch 30 Seconds To Mars' "Closer To The Edge," below.

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