Go Behind The Scenes Of Taylor Swift's 'Mine' Video

Taylor Swift's new song, "Mine," off her upcoming Speak Now album, suggest a new, slightly more sophisticated worldview. But she's still the same girl next door who it's impossible not to like. Don't believe me? Just watch this lovely behind-the-scenes video where Taylor Swift walks you through the making of her  "Mine" video.

For her "Mine" video, Taylor took her act north, from Nashville all the way to Kennebunkport, Maine. Taylor's totally enchanted by the town, which until now was best known as a vacation destination for the first President Bush. And of course, the love is mutual on the part of Maine locals. Again, because who doesn't love Taylor Swift?

In the video below, Taylor talks about the joys and difficulties of having such a warm welcome to the town. While she appreciated all the appreciation, having an entire town on her video set did make the filming sound a little more laborious than it needed to be.

Oh, who cares? Sounds like a great time was had by all, and the "Mine" video is, no doubt, another charming slice of romance, humor and heartache from Taylor.

Check out the behind-the-scenes look at Taylor's "Mine" video below, and watch a sneak peek of "Mine" here. And tomorrow night, don't miss Taylor Swift's live special where she'll return to Maine for the premiere of her "Mine" video. Then go to MTV.com on Friday, Aug. 27 at 8pm ET to watch Taylor's live special and the premiere of her "Mine" video at 8:30.