PHOTOS: Lady Gaga's Alternative Vanity Fair Covers

(Credit: Nick Knight/ Vanity Fair)

We wrap up the day with some alternative shots from Lady Gaga's amazing September cover of Vanity Fair magazine. We went into detail about Gaga's granny hair and lack of clothing a couple weeks back when the cover dropped, so there's not a ton to ponder here.

Really the big change is the obvious presence of clothes in the center cover, with Gaga rocking what looks like a rather elaborate black lace catsuit by Somarta. The other Vanity Fair cover finds Gaga covering up demurely, while sporting the same absence of threads as the cover that actually hit stands.

Personally, we feel like the middle one is pretty awesome, but Gaga's rather fetching. What's your favorite Gaga/Vanity Fair cover? Let us know in the comments! And watch Gaga dance around naked at her Vanity Fair shoot here!