Buzzworthy Obsession: Ted Leo Craps On Green Day In 'Bottled In Cork' Video

(Credit: Paul Morigi/WireImage)

Ted Leo makes pretty serious music; it's politically-charged, socially-conscious, punk-power-pop that calls to mind Thin Lizzy (ask your dad), Elvis Costello (ask your older brother) and The Jam (ask either of them). But that doesn't mean the Jersey boy isn't without a sense of humor.

After slugging it out for years in the punk rock trenches, Ted Leo uses his hilarious new video for his song "Bottled In Cork" (taken from his great Brutalist Bricks album) as a platform to take some shots at one of punk rock's biggest ever successes, Green Day.

"Bottled In Cork" features comedian Paul F. Tompkins (who you might remember as the one-time host for Vh1's "Best Week Ever") as musical theater producer Reginald Van Voorst, who takes Ted and his band, The Pharmacists, and turns them into Broadway stars.

The entire thing culminates in a stage performance that playfully mocks the musical theater adaption of Green Day's punk rock opera American Idiot.

Check out the video below. Brutalist Bricks is out now.