5 Best Lines From Kanye West And Jay-Z's 'Power' Remix

Photo credit: James Devaney/WireImage

Late last night Kanye West dropped his "Power" remix. It's produced by Swizz Beatz, samples '80s legends Snap, and features Jay-Z. And it's pretty much everything you want in a remix. It's got up-to-the-second relevance and a slightly new but still banging beat. And it leaves with you with a lot to talk and think about.

Here's some of the watercooler lines you'll be dropping your jaw at after listening.

1. "They trying to Axl Rose you, welcome to the jungle." -- Jay-Z

Don't know exactly what this entails. Years in isolation? Repeatedly canceling concerts? Never releasing your album? Who cares!  It sounds dope!

2. "To be continued, we on that Norman Mailer sh**" -- Jay-Z

Hova invokes the name of famed novelist and journalist Norman Mailer. Perhaps he's been reading "The Naked And The Dead"? Well, based on what he says next, I peg him for a "Executioner's Song" man.

3. "In search of the truth even if it goes through Taylor Swift." -- Jay-Z

Boom goes the dynamite. Everybody had been waiting for last year's controversial MTV VMA interruption to be addressed on wax (so to speak) by Kanye. But 'Yeezy let Jay get the first shot.

4. "I don’t stop until I see the end, my vision clear, bitch. I’m on my Van Gogh, I don’t hear sh**." -- Kanye West

Forget Axl Rose, Kanye West is going Postimpressionist!

5. "What do it mean to be the boss? It mean second place is the first one who lost. The crucifixion, the being nailed to the cross. Truth or fiction, it’s a hell of a cost."- Kanye West

This is classic Kanye. Despite his ebullient Twitter persona, West is still our greatest artist with a persecution complex and the ability to constantly surprise us. And with Kanye West scheduled to perform at the 2010 MTV VMAs and Taylor Swift nominated for Best Female Video, well, as we all know... anything could happen.

+ Listen to Kanye West and Jay-Z's "Power (Remix)" here. (NSFW)

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