Star Spotting: Snoop Dogg Gets Xxplosive

(Credit: Isaac Brekken/AP Images for Zynga)

Having followed Snoop Dogg's career relatively closely over the years--from his early days as California kid rapping over Dr. Dre beats, to solo career superstardom, movie roles, reality shows and everything  in between--I feel like I can safely say that I have never seen the usually subdued Dogg as elated as he looks in the above picture.

That might have something to do with the fact that in the above picture, Snoop has just detonated a four-ton armored truck in the middle of the Nevada desert.

Snoop got explosive outside of Vegas as part of a promotion for the upcoming social video game "Mafia Wars: Las Vegas." Snoop made the car go boom in honor of the video game's 10 millionth visitor.

Seriously, have you ever seen someone so happy? You could have told him that Dr. Dre would be producing his new album, the Raiders had just won the Super Bowl, and it was going to be Christmas every day, and I don't think you would have gotten a smile that big.

Check out more photos of Snoop blowing up a truck. "Mafia Wars: Las Vegas" is out now.