Buzzworthy Q&A: 2AM Club Talks Old Bars, Old Jobs And Musical Influences

(Credit: Brian Appio/MTV)

2AM Club is a Los Angeles band that makes sleek and sexy nighttime music. But little is known about its actual members -- their thoughts, their hopes, their dreams. Well, this exclusive Buzzworthy Q&A will hopefully go some way in rectifying that situation.

The band immediately gets down to the nitty-gritty, talking about their nostalgic feelings for the Bay Area bar they named their group after and the special place the dive holds in their hearts.

The band goes on to talk about the importance of engaging an audience and the wonder with which they watch their songs impact a room full of people, while playing live.

The sound they make, the one that excites crowds so much, is the next topic, as the band discusses what influenced its music. You'll also hear all about what the members of 2AM Club were doing before they were 2AM Club.

Check out the Q&A, as well as the video for the group's single "Worry About You," both below.