Taylor Swift Goes Purple Princess On 'Speak Now' Cover

Taylor Swift pretty much presents herself one of three ways. Either she's the glamorous real-life Taylor (like when she's at award shows or red carpets), the girl-next-door Taylor (like in the "You Belong With Me" video) or the princess Taylor, like the above pic, taken from the cover of her highly anticipated new album, Speak Now.

It's funny, for someone who's songs are so imbued with real-life details and emotions, Taylor still has a real fantasy streak. She also has a pretty serious Stevie Nicks obsession going on. Both are in full effect in the positively purple cover above.

There's definitely a bit of "Gypsy" magic going on there. But if "Mine," the album's first single, is anything to go by, Speak Now will be full of the hook-filled, finely observed breakup-to-makeup pop that we've come to expect from this incredibly talented young woman.

Speak Now is out October 25. Check out two videos below: the realistic (in music video terms) "You Belong With Me," and the fantastical "Fifteen."