CSI: Justin Bieber's Hairstyle -- The Latest Criminal Accessory

(Credit: Taylor Hill/WireImages)

It must be a slow day in the world of digging up incriminating documents on celebrities or exposing musicians' outlandish preconcert demands, because the folks over at The Smoking Gun have gone and put on their collective Sherlock Holmes hats and uncovered nothing short of a crime wave.

What unites these various acts of vandalism and hooliganism? Justin Bieber's hairstyle.

That's right, The Smoking Gun has put together a rogue's gallery of young miscreants, all charged with various crimes against society and all rocking Justin's blown-dry hairstyle.

From failing to pay a fine to petty theft to straight-up burglary, these young men have fallen afoul of the law. And they all have Justin Bieber's hairstyle. Check out the gallery below.

+ Check out The Smoking Gun's Justin Bieber Look-alike Gallery of Criminals

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