Star Spotting: Ke$ha Has The Eye (And Head) Of The Tiger

(Credit: Demis Maryannakis/Splash News)

Well now it just feels like Ke$ha is baiting us, doesn't it? Avid and dedicated Buzzworthy readers will already know that Ke$ha's oh-so-eccentric headwear is something of an obsession around these parts. We've documented her dalliances with traditional Native American headdresses, her plain paper bag (on the head) look and her various experiments with animal-kingdom-themed headwear (sharks, bears and so on).

So it comes as no surprise whatsoever to see the "Animal" singer walking out of a New York City beauty salon rocking a full-on tiger mask.

Now, we don't know whether Ke$ha asked for black-and-orange highlights and the stylist just went nuts with it, or if her usual dirty blonde look came out so subpar that she decided to cover up with a tiger mask. But the most likely reason is that Ke$ha likes wearing weird stuff on her head.

You really just have to applaud her commitment to kitsch at this point. Ke$ha is rocking the free world as one of the opening acts on Rihanna's Last Girl On Earth tour for the rest of the month.