VMAs 2010: Justin Bieber And B.o.B. To Perform, Ke$ha And Ashley Greene To Present

MAJOR VMA news this morning, and get your screaming muscles fired up, because you may lose a vocal cord over this. First of all, Justin Bieber fans, your prayers have been heard, reviewed, and answered. Justin Bieber will perform at the 2010 MTV VMAs! Also confirmed to perform at the VMAs is B.o.B. -- known for his unstoppable hits "I'll Be In The Sky," "Nothing On You" featuring Bruno Mars, and "Airplanes" -- who's up for FIVE MTV VMAs.

Today's announcement that Justin Bieber and B.o.B. will join the growing list of 2010 MTV VMA performers means the list of MTV VMA performers just got longer. Already confirmed to perform are Kanye West (please can that performance somehow include live tweeting?), Drake and Florence + the Machine. Plus, house DJ deadmau5 will be spinning live.

And, this just in, Ke$ha and Ashley Greene will present Moonmen, so hopefully they're brushing up on their live teleprompter skills. Ke$ha and Greene will also present along with an illustrious group of Hollywood who's who and hot people including Nicki Minaj, Ne-Yo, Trey Songz, Selena Gomez, Emma Stone (love her!), and Penn Badgley (love him!).

Check out Justin Bieber race to the VMAs video, watch B.o.B.'s "Nothing On You," "I'll Be In The Sky" and "Airplanes" videos and exclusive MTV Spring Break 2010 performances, and stay tuned for even MORE VMA news, including this year's host!

+ Don't miss the 2010 MTV VMAs live from Los Angeles on Sunday, September 12, at 9/8c! And don't forget to vote!