Star Spotting: Rihanna Tattoo Mystery Solved

(Credit: Jackson Lee/Splash News)

Yesterday we put on our Sherlock Holmes/David Caruso hats and tried to solve the mystery of Rihanna's new neck tattoo. We made some fairly educated (and some fairly outlandish) guesses as to what it could be. And now, it would appear that we've got our answer.

Rihanna didn't get boyfriend Matt Kemp's number, or an umbrella or a dragon tattooed on her neck (though we're into all those ideas). Nope. Instead, the "Rude Boy" singer got the words "Rebelle Fleur" inked on.

The above snap is allegedly a temporary tattoo that Ri-Ri got to see how it looked. She apparently liked it just fine and got the permanent version done on Tuesday night.

"Rebelle Fleur" means rebellious flower and, honestly, seems like the kind of mysterious, slightly poetic, cryptic thing Rihanna would get tattooed on her neck.

Folks will have plenty of opportunities to check out Rihanna's tat in public; her "Last Girl On Earth Tour" runs through the end of the month. Check out dates here.