LOLs: Jonas Brothers Play Death Metal

(Credit: Lyle A. Waisman/WireImage)

The Jonas Brothers ...

Merchants of sweetness and light? Or merchants of TOTAL EFFIN' DEATH METAL?

Pop's princes? Or pop's PRINCES OF DARKNESS?

The Jonas Brothers seem like pretty genuine, wholesome bros ... but what if they weren't!? What if they were bat-eating, fire-breathing, down-tuned, growling, double-kick-drum-kicking agents of darkness?

They're not any of those things, of course. But this video (from the golden era of 2009) reimagines a Jonas Brothers appearance on "Live With Regis And Kelly," where they performed "Paranoid," as if it sounded like a particularly hungover Metallica. And it sounds awesome and hilarious.

Check out the parody video here and watch the Jonas Brothers' "Paranoid" (sweetness and light version) below.