The Buzz On: Kadawatha

(Credit: Martin Wiklund)

Early arrivals to this summer's Paramore/Tegan And Sara tour might have caught a glimpse or heard some highly orchestrated, epic sounds coming in that traveling rock circus' opening act, Kadawatha; and, no doubt, they were intrigued by what they saw and heard.

Kadawatha is the musical project of singer/songwriter Daniel Kadawatha, who has shepherded Kadawatha from being a solo project, recorded in a self-painted, self-decorated trailer, to a full band featuring two (yes, two!) guys named Andreas.

Kadawatha takes emo rock and expands it to U2-size proportions. On their debut single, "Agape," Kadawatha's operatic, Bono-esque vocals are backed by a powerful arena-ready sound that calls to mind everything from Queen to At The Drive-In to Jimmy Eat World.

You can see Kadawatha live, with Paramore and Tegan And Sara this summer and hear more music at their MySpace page.