Song You Need To Know: Weezer, 'Memories'

The first 15 seconds of Weezer's new single, "Memories," are filled with the sound of an orchestra warming up. But soon after that, any thoughts of classical Weezer are swept aside by the sounds of classic Weezer: a driving beat, guitar feedback and thumping bass line that recalls Arcade Fire's "Rebellion (Lies)."

"Memories" is a song that looks back at the recent future with a touching nostalgia. Weezer leader Rivers Cuomo has always worn his heart on his sleeve, sometimes to the point of corniness. But when applying his wide-eyed perspective to the past it sounds just right; you can't help but crack a smile when he recalls, "playing Hacky Sack back when Audioslave was still Rage."

Musically, the song lacks Weezer's usual swathes of guitars, instead relying on a Cars-like keyboard line in the chorus, as Cuomo wistfully sings, "Memories, make me want to go back there."

"Memories" is taken from Hurley, their eighth full length album. "Lost"-heads out there might think the album title to be a reference to the desert island show's rotund lottery winner. Well ... amazingly, you are right. Check out the cover art:

Dude! Hurley is out September 14. Take a listen to "Memories" below.

+ Listen to Weezer's "Memories" here.