Star Spotting: Justin Timberlake Refuses To Raise The Roof

(Credit: Wenzelberg/Splash News)

Most of your favorite celebrities have their causes, but few are as steadfastly committed to an idea, to a stance, as Justin Timberlake. J.T. refuses to raise the roof. In the face of insurmountable odds, despite the baying, heckling crowd, Timberlake just smiles and says, in his most Gandhi-like tone, "It's not 2002, guys. I'm not going to raise the roof."

So it must have been pretty difficult for Timbo to partake in the apparently epic dance sequence he shot for his upcoming romantic comedy Friends With Benefits last night in Times Square.

Above you see Justin Timberlake, grinning as hundreds of extras raise high the rafters. But one man must make a stand. One man must say, "What comes next? Do we wonder who let the dogs out? Do we bring back the Macarena? Where does it end." And that man is Justin Timberlake.

Friends With Benefits is due out next year. Check out Justin's "My Love," below.